Sea Snakes and their Venoms

By: Tu, Anthony T

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2011. 27cm. Pp.ix, 190. Numerous colour & BW photos, figures (scale patterns, immunoelectrophoretic patterns of venoms), distribution maps & tables, index, the chapters are separately referenced. Softbound.

Sea Snakes and their Venoms is a comprehensive summary of Dr. Anthony T. Tu's life's work on the basic biology, use and distribution of sea snakes and the chemical composition and toxicology of their venoms.

Contains many colour photographs of sea snakes in their natural habitat, and a colour section on the manufacture of antivenom for snake venoms.

Part I covers the sea snakes, their biology, distributions, reproduction, respiration, and aspects of their salt gland, their dietary specialization, colours, pattern & commercial use, and includes a detailed chapter on selected species, part II deals with their venoms ; toxicology, pharmacology and pathology, medical aspects of sea snake poisoning, venom composition and structural aspects of sea snake neurotoxins.

Title: Sea Snakes and their Venoms

Author: Tu, Anthony T

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