Lyme Disease, an Evidence-based Approach

By: Halperin, J.J. (editor)

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Providing the medical practitioner with a broad scientific understanding, Lyme Disease, an Evidence-based Approach discusses the causative organism, its requisite ecosystem, disease epidemiology, host-Borrelia interactions, diagnostic testing, clinical manifestations, therapeutic options, and long term prognosis. It explicitly reviews both the basic biology of the infection and practical clinical aspects, linking the two to demonstrate what is and is not attributable to this infection. It is an authoritative guide for medics and researchers involved with diagnosing and treating Lyme, covering biology, epidemiology and therapeutics.

Main contents :

Biologic substrate 1. Ticks - The vectors of Lyme disease 2. Borrelia - biology of the organism 3. Borrelia - interactions with the host immune system 4. Diagnostic testing 5. Persistence of Borrelia burgdorferi infection after antibiotic treatment: What can we learn from animal models? 6. Global Epidemiology of Borrelia burgdorferi Infections Clinical 7. Antibiotic Therapy for Infection Caused by Borrelia Burgdorferi Sensu Lato 8. Borreliosis - the UK perspective 9. Borreliosis - the European perspective 10. Erythema migrans 11. Cardiac involvement 12 Rheumatologic involvement 13. Nervous system involvement 14. Lyme disease in children 15. The Psychology of "Post Lyme disease syndrome" and "Not Lyme" 16. The entity referred to as "Chronic Lyme disease" 17. Lyme disease - the great controversy

Title: Lyme Disease, an Evidence-based Approach

Author: Halperin, J.J. (editor)

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