Cichlid Atlas Volume 2

By: Römer, Uwe

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Natural History of South American Dwarf Cichlids Part 2. 2006. 19cm. Pp.1320. 1280 colour photos, 400 figures, numerous diagrams & tables, 125 maps. Hardbound.

Presents an overview of Apistogramma species with nominal lists of valid, invalid and still undescribed species and a completely revised and updated identification key to genera and species (one new genus and several new species introduced recently to the aquarium hobby are presented here for the first time). Several chapters cover systematics, biogeography and evolution and the bulk of the book presents species descriptions and photographs for Apistogramma (including as yet undescribed species and morphs), Biotoecus, Cleithracara, Dicrossus, Ivanacara gen. n., Mikrogeophagus, and Nannacara. The book offers both the hobbyist and the scientist a valuable pictorial reference with a wealth of supplementary information.

Title: Cichlid Atlas Volume 2

Author: Römer, Uwe

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ISBN: 3882440414

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