Atlas of African Freshwater Sponges

By: Manconi, R. & R. Pronzato

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2009. 30cm. Pp.214. 245 photos & figures. Paperback.

Atlas of African Freshwater Sponges is the first complete overview of the freshwater sponges found from Algeria to the Cape and of historical importance. Summarizes the knowledge of the spongillofauna of the African continent and provides new as well as historical illustrations and distribution maps for all the species, most of which are endemic to Africa.

A comparative analysis based on original diagnoses, holotypes and materials from historical collections is performed to supply detailed descriptions on 58 African species of the suborder Spongillina (order Haplosclerida). In view of the rapid decline of the biodiversity of Africa’s freshwater fauna as a result of climate change and other man-made influences, this publication will remain a milestone for the knowledge on the distribution of these animals. As filter feeders, they are extremely subject to even low levels of pollution and may therefore constitute an ideal gauge for the evaluation of the quality of surface waters.

Title: Atlas of African Freshwater Sponges

Author: Manconi, R. & R. Pronzato

Categories: Freshwater & Marine Invertebrates,

ISBN: 9074752551

ISBN 13: 9789074752558

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