Bleher's Discus Volume 1

By: Bleher, Heiko

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2006. 24cm. Pp.671. 3000 colour & 71 BW photographs, 256 colour & 71 BW figures and illustrations. Hardbound.

The monograph on the cichlid genus Symphysodon.

Bleher's Discus Volume 1 describes, classifies and illustrates about 380 varieties of Discus, and numerous other species of Amazonian freshwater fishes (130 different cichlids, 28 species of piranhas, 4 livebearers. 4 killifishes, 71 different catfishes, 106 tetra-species and 13 rays) with a wealth of practical and historical information useful to both the ichthyologist and aquarist.

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Title: Bleher's Discus Volume 1

Author: Bleher, Heiko

Categories: Freshwater Fishes,

ISBN: 978890181610

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