Sea Trout, Biology, Conservation & Management

By: Harris, Graeme & Nigel Milner

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2007. 26cm. Pp.520. 133 photos & figures. Hardbound.

The brown trout displays widely divergent life history strategies involving, variously, usage of streams, rivers, lakes, estuaries and the sea. The sea trout is the full sea-going form, it is very common and competes with salmon for the position of the most sought after migratory salmonid in many countries. Its use of freshwater, estuaries and coastal waters gives it a unique position as a sentinel species of environmental quality across these habitats. Although a commercially and recreationally important fish species, the management and scientific knowledge about sea trout has often been overshadowed by a focus on the salmon. However the First International Symposium for the Biology, Management and Conservation of Sea Trout sought to address this when a group of world class experts convened to share their research and form the basis for this impressive volume, covering: stocks and fisheries; genetics and life history; ecology and population dynamics; and the management of stocks and world fisheries.

Title: Sea Trout, Biology, Conservation & Management

Author: Harris, Graeme & Nigel Milner

Categories: Freshwater Fishes, Marine Fishes,

ISBN: 1405129913

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