Coastal Plankton, Photo Guide for European Seas, Second edition

By: Larink, Otto & Wilfried Westheide

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2011. 24cm. Pp.191. 83 colour plates (with 861 coloured and 68 black-and-white figures), 3 coloured & 4 BW figures, 1 table. Paperback.

Coastal Plankton, Second edition, with more than 900 micro- and 40 macrophotographs on 83 colour plates, is an introduction to the most important and most common taxa present in the plankton, and it allows the identification even of numerous common species.

The comprehensively annotated pictures are taken from living organisms, during marine excursions, mainly from the North Sea coastal area but also from other European coastlines, including the western Mediterranean. The book, therefore, is excellently suited to be used in such university courses for students of zoology and marine biology as well as for their teachers, but it is certainly also a comprehensible guide for any amateur microscopist and interested layperson.

Second edition : with a considerable increase in the number of photographs, from 660 to now 930. In particular, numerous Mediterranean species have been added, leading, among others, to the inclusion of entirely new plates on trematodes, sipunculids, pelagic gastropods, several crustacean taxa, enteropneusts, and holothurians.

Title: Coastal Plankton, Photo Guide for European Seas, Second edition

Author: Larink, Otto & Wilfried Westheide

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