Fossil Cichlid Fish of Africa

By: van Couvering, J.A.H

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Members of the teleost family Cichlidae first appear in the fossil record either in the Eocene of South America (the age of these deposits is questionable) or in the Oligocene of Africa. These earliest known specimens are fully cichlid and tell us little about the origin of the family. Pomacentrids, embiotocids, labrids, scarids, and nandids have all been suggested as sister groups of the Cichlidae, but as yet there has been no detailed work analysing the interrelationships of these families. The similarities between the pomacentrids and cichlids seem to be due to convergence. Twenty different types of fossil cichlids have been described from Afro-Arabia. Five of these are new species formally described in Fossil Cichlid Fish of Africa : Macfadyena dabanensis, Palaeofulu kuluensis, Nderechromis cichloides, Kalyplochromis hamulodenlis and Sarolherodon marlyni.

Title: Fossil Cichlid Fish of Africa

Author: van Couvering, J.A.H

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